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Feast of Saint Anne’s


This second novel in the Hudson Horror series is actually four novellas, each is an overlapping tale that takes place during the annual Feast of Saint Anne’s Carnival that marks the beginning of every summer in Wyvern Falls.

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The Red Baron’s Daughter:

Two boys, Armando Ortega and Luis Dimas, wind up with their friends at a very strange Fortune Teller’s tent; a woman claiming to be the daughter of Germany’s greatest WWI Ace. Intrigued from their recent dalliances with a popular Playstation game ‘Richtofen’s War’, the boys wind up getting a lot more history than they bargained for, finding themselves caught up in the web of a monster that has its origins in the dark nightmares of a First World War pilot. The story delves into the grim reality of the unfriendly skies over the Western Front, circa 1918, back when a young man was lucky to live more than two weeks. The story also features John Easton, who is trying to unravel the truth behind the old American aviator’s footlocker he finds in his attic and what keys it holds to saving the boys – and a whole network of children – from a grisly death.

The Lonely Dancers:

Nick Carr, local college drop-out, catches an unusual act at the music tent: a forgotten British power-trio circa early 1980′s. The only problem? They’ve just shown up for their gig thirty years after being killing in a car accident. What Carr finds out is a murder mystery that involves a local groupie, an unscrupulous manager and a band that has some unfinished business to tend to. In the process he gets an unexpected romance, a kick start to his own misguided career  and discovers one of the harder truths about the music business; sometimes it’s all over before it really began.

Lorenzo King and the Dunderburg Imp:

In this fresh look at a classic Washington Irving tale, an egotistical New York media reporter getting stuck in what turns out to be the worst – and deadliest – story of his life. Things get even more interesting when he finds himself caught up in a race up the Hudson against his most detested rivals; the team from the Ghost Seekers International cable series that is threatening to deep-six his own show. Only both crews find themselves over their heads with the referee; the Dunderburg Imp himself, who reveals himself to be not just the mischievous prankster of Irving’s quaint tale but a malicious goblin who enjoys eviscerating his victims…

Hey Dummy!:

An even more twisted take on a classically twisted subject – the ventriloquists dummy -  this tale involves local Art Director Jim Franks and his girlfriend Karen Evershaw crossing paths with what appears to be an old-fashioned vaudeville act. Only neither ventriloquist nor dummy are what they seem and the answer to their awful truth lies over sixty years in the past with a New Guinea witchdoctor and young serviceman’s desperate desire to avoid death -at any cost. The question is, will Jim Franks and his friend, local librarian Tucker Brooks, managed to put an end to this deranged stand-up routine before it claims any more lives, and before Karen becomes the next victim?

Coming soon in June 2013!

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