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At Van Eyckmann’s Request

At_Van_Eyckmann's_Re_Cover_for_KindleThe first of the Hudson River horror stories…

Eight men are gathered at a failing Brooklyn Gentleman’s Club one stormy October night to hear the last will and testament of their late colleague, Lars Van Eyckmann…within three days – on Halloween Eve – they will find themselves pitted against each other at the Van Eyckmann estate up in Wyvern Falls and unwitting pawns of the horrifying truth behind Van Eyckmann’s Request: a family curse originating from terrible atrocities committed in the Dutch East Indies Spice Trade of the early 1600′s. Their only chance to survive the night lies with John Easton, a CID detective with the Royal Turk and Caicos Police Force who must first face a few uneasy ghosts in his own closet… A supernatural mystery set against the rich tapestry of Dutch Colonial History and the Hudson River Valley, At Van Eyckmann’s Request will keep you guessing and jumping – a classic haunted mansion tale with an ‘Arabian Nights’ twist.

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