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Feast of Saint Anne’s Review on Gingernutsofhorror

Special thanks to Jim Mcleod for is excellent review of ‘The Feast of Saint Anne’ on his blog, ‘Gingernutsofhorror‘ . You can read the review here:

The Feast of Saint Anne Review

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My latest interview on

I know you’ve been wonder…yes, its true. A new interview has been posted on the internet:



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Ahhh the bookshelf

A friend on Facebook put up a ‘name 10 books that come to mind’ challenge the other day and I thought it was an opportunity to put my own picks up here as well:

1) “Treasure Island” (Scribners): My Dad used to read this to me as a kid – combination of great sea-faring story and those amazing N.C. Wyeth paintings still resonates with me today. Still have it – the same copy his dad read to him.
2) “The Devil in Velvet”: John Dickson Carr’s ultimate adventure/historical mystery/supernatural tale rich with 17th century details from hair lice to hideous make-up, told through a 20th century professors eyes…after a little deal with the devil. JDC ran circles around his contemporary, Agatha Christie.
3) “The Italian Secretary”: Caleb Carr – no relation to above, yet told with the same exquisite period detail, this time a take on Sherlock Holmes from the author of ‘The Alienist’
4) “Lower Than Angels” W.W. Windstaff’s (pseudonym) all-but forgotten first-hand memoir of an American WWI Pilot that will strip away any romantic illusions about the so-called ‘Knights of the Air’; raw, terrifying and often merciless, the book continues into his post-war years hanging with ex-pats in Paris where he talks about what drunks/fakes Hemingway & Company were…
5) “The Power of Myth” Joseph Campbell – encapsulated interviews with of one of the most interesting teachers/writers in human history, Campbell studied myths and religions of every culture on the planet and was able to connect it all together in one big amazing tapestry. Somehow when he talks it all makes sense.
6) ‘Eternal Darkness’: Robert D. Ballard – a personal history of one of the most amazing pioneers of deep sea exploration…and just a really neat guy. The tale on how he discovered the wreck of the Titanic alone is worth the read.
7) “Insomnia” Stephen King’s whacked out novel about an old guy who can’t sleep, and the nightmare reality that gradually reveals itself because of it. It’s a close tie with ‘Needful Things’ on my shelf, but I just loved the main character (Ralph) who’s past 70 so here it is.
8) “Musashi” Eiji Yoshikawa’s romanticized version of one of Japan’s greatest warriors, Miyamoto Musashi – a cunning 17th century swordsman whose morals and tactics still resonate with modern martial arts today, this story has it all: love, misguided revenge, plenty of action and lessons on the Way of the Samurai. And trouble, trouble, trouble!
9) “Air Combat at 20 feet”: Garrett Middlebrook’s self-published memoir of daily life as a 38th BG B25 Strafer pilot in the SW Pacific during WWII is clumsily written at times, but unforgettable in its content. Garrett was one of the few pilots to keep a personal journal of what was happening so he gives it to you unclouded by memory: the graphic horror, terror, bizarre situations and heart -wrenching truth of the realities of war in a hostile environment.
10) “Lies my Teacher Told Me” James -Loewen I had to second Chris on this one as it was one of the more eye-opening reads in my life and goes right the core of how much fabrication is behind the so-called sacred American History were were all raised on…this book should be mandatory reading for everyone on planet earth.

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American Horror Story Episode #5

FX_AHS_ImageGallery_0000_04 Another excellent installment in the American Horror: Coven series, last night raised as many questions as it asked. As a cast, I have to say this is one of the best casts assembled on Television at the moment. Jessica Lange has her role by the throat as the ‘Superior’, Angela Bassett is a terrifying force to be reckoned with and Kathy Bates…well she just has to show up and you’ll watch whatever she does. She’s that good. However the real scene stealer last night was Gabourey Sidibe with some of the best lines in the show (Her comment on Madison’s death: “She was probably giving the Grim Reaper a hand job.” had me rolling on the floor). I never thought I’d say this, but TV shows are actually getting better these days.

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