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Robert Stava is an author living in the Hudson River Valley, not far, apparently, from the village of Wyvern Falls where so many of his horror stories are set. His fourth and fifth novels, “Nightmare from World’s End”, and “Lost World of Kharamu” are published by Severed Press. His short stories have appeared in various anthologies & magazines including the recently released “Cranial Leakage vol II” from Grinning Skull Press. His next novel from Severed Press, “Neptune’s Reckoning” is due out in 2019.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and after pursuing a degree in Fine Arts, wound up making his career in advertising at Y&R and J. Walter Thompson in NYC. He went on to become a multimedia Art Director and later as Creative Director ran the 3d Media Group at Arup, an international U.K-based design and engineering company before moving to the Hudson Valley and catapulting into the wild world of writing horror fiction in 2010.

In addition to writing, Stava is a trustee on the Ossining Historical Society, The Ossining Arts Council and is professional member of ITW (International Thriller Writers) and the HWA (Horror Writer’s Association).

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